Members 成員

The Cambridge University I Ching and Zen Research Consortium is a University Society, registered among the other University Societies at the University of Cambridge. Please see the letter from the University Proctors authorising our change of name from the I Ching Research Consortium to the I Ching and Zen Research Consortium. The officers of the society are:

Shan Sheng 单声, Senior Advisor

Shan Gui Qiulin 单桂秋林, Senior Advisor

Liao Moxiang 廖墨香, Senior Zhou Yi Advisor, China Zhou Yi Dean

Yang Songquan 杨松泉, Senior Taiji Advisor, China Taiji Master

Song Guoling 宋国领, President, Editor-in-Chief

Dr Sally Church 程思麗, Advisor, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Zen Master Rongxu 融虚禅师, Vice President

Yang Zongyin 杨宗银, Vice President

Dr Yang Guohua 杨国华, Vice President

Catherine Huang 黄译萱, Assistant Secretary General, Deputy Editor

Jin Xin 金鑫, Secretary

Wang Yiru 王一如, Assistant Secretary

Du Ruoyang 杜若阳, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Yeong Xuelin 杨雪琳, Junior Treasurer

Dr Laurence Smith, Senior Treasurer

Xue Haibin 薛海滨, Legal Consultant