News 新聞 6 Dec 2015: Zen Master Rongxu attended a Buddhist talk and meditation led by Ven. Kovido, from Cambridge Buddha Metta Monastery. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge University Buddhist Society.

follow link 27 Nov 2015: Letter issued from the Cambridge University Proctors authorising our change of name from the “I Ching Research Consortium” to the “I Ching and Zen Research Consortium”.

buy Dilantin from canada 21 Nov 2015: Zen Master Rongxu attends his first meditation meeting at the Cambridge University Buddhist Society, Lucy Cavendish College, and leads the group in meditation.

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1 Nov 2015: Conference held at Darwin College, Cambridge, 1 November 2015 on “External I Ching (Yi) and Internal Zen (Chan): A Path Toward Knowing the World (Wai yi nei chan — renshi shijie de teshu tujing 外易内禅-认识世界的特殊途径)”:


I Ching and Zen Conference Participants, 1 Nov 2015, Darwin College, Cambridge