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6 Dec 2015: Zen Master Rongxu attended a Buddhist talk and meditation led by Ven. Kovido, from Cambridge Buddha Metta Monastery. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge University Buddhist Society.

27 Nov 2015: Letter issued from the Cambridge University Proctors authorising our change of name from the “I Ching Research Consortium” to the “I Ching and Zen Research Consortium”.

21 Nov 2015: Zen Master Rongxu attends his first meditation meeting at the Cambridge University Buddhist Society, Lucy Cavendish College, and leads the group in meditation.

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1 Nov 2015: Conference held at Darwin College, Cambridge, 1 November 2015 on “External I Ching (Yi) and Internal Zen (Chan): A Path Toward Knowing the World (Wai yi nei chan — renshi shijie de teshu tujing 外易内禅-认识世界的特殊途径)”:


I Ching and Zen Conference Participants, 1 Nov 2015, Darwin College, Cambridge